If you're male and have ever been told you have a pleasant voice, then why keep it to yourself, when, by joining us others could enjoy it too.

In particular we are seeking more top tenor voices to enhance our rich musical balance but any range is more than welcome.

Chelmsford Male Voice Choir just loves to sing; something we have been doing for over fifty years; raising tens of thousands of pounds for charities and deserving causes in need of help and support. It's an enjoyable way of giving something back to the community, in which you could share.

Reading music isn't necessary. Most of us do not. You may feel shy as many of us did but, as part of the choir, this soon disappears and you'll never look back. We have a member who has been in a choir since he was 7 and still doesn't read music! There's even a cheat sheet below with tips for novices and regular singers alike!

We sing locally, throughout East Anglia and other parts of the British Isles. Proud of the widely acknowledged reputation we have achieved. But we are only as good as the members we have and we are keen to have you. For whilst we know we sing very well, you can help us to sing even better!

Come along to any Tuesday night rehearsal at Trinity Methodist Church opposite the County Hotel in Chelmsford. They start at 7.30pm, are informal, and good fun and a warm welcome awaits you. All you need to do is ring Alan Cowell on 07710 086006 or email to mail@cmvchoir.org.uk. We are waiting to hear from you. Better still, just turn up.



Rehearsal Venue

Trinity Methodist Church,

46 Rainsford Road,