Eddie's notes w/c 4th Sept

Dear All

Another great rehearsal yesterday. It’s so important to keep focused during each piece remembering the elements that we’ve finessed. The attention to detail and ensuring that we are singing together is what lifts a good performance to an outstanding one. When everyone is alert and focused on each piece rather than coasting from memory is how you produce outstanding concerts time and again - but it does need your work and effort - so thank you for that.

As I said last night I’m away next Tuesday but back for the 18th. Next week Sue will work with you on:

Amor Ti Vieta
Isis and Osiris
Sloop John B
Rhythm of Life - as we’re short of second tenors Paul Haggar who is coming to play the organ at Writtle will play the primo part so Nathan can sing
Bring him home
Guardian Angel

Have a great couple of weeks and a good rehearsal and I look forward to being with on the 18th when we’ll go through the whole concert programme.