Eddie's notes WC 17-7

Dear All

I hope you've had a chance to listen to the recording of Saturday night - as ever it records every detail which would be lost in performance but highlights that there are still some things we can work on:

  • Individual voices standing out from time to time - you will recognise yourselves
  • Some entries being anticipated
  • Not all consonant endings together
  • Slight loss of pitch form time to time - but this wouldn't be recognised by most people I think

The microphone was beyond the audience seating rather than overhead as would be ideal but still was able to pick up your fantastic singing. Recordings always are hugely revealing and don't accurately reflect the entirety of the performance. Thanks as ever to David for doing this for us. They are a tool for us to use as well as for our pleasure.

Next Tuesday we will work on:

Working man

Take my hand

The Impossible Dream

Do you hear the people sing

Sloop John B - Finale file has been created

Amor Ti Vieta

I Believe

Have a great weekend