Post Concert Feedback 14 July


Firstly an apology for the awkward and uncomfortable seating arrangements. The staging was great as a platform for singing but if we use it again we will provide better more accessible seating for you when not singing.

Many thanks for coping with that and the temperature in such a professional way. I will raise the question of a summer uniform with the committee but we will need to have uniformity and consistency should we adopt one.

Now for the important message - you were fantastic and delivered brilliant concert performances. The feedback was amazing - I hope that members of the audience spoke to you as they did me. You should be hugely proud of your achievements - I’ll give you more positive details on Tuesday.

Please bring all of the music you currently have issued to you on Tuesday.

Have a well deserved rest today if you can!

Huge thanks as ever to Sue and also to Pedro, Peter and Mike.

Best wishes