Dear All

I have to say that you excelled yourselves on Tuesday evening. Your singing was first rate and the overall sound of the four pieces was impressive - they will be stunning at the concert. I spoke with Clive Smith yesterday and he assures me that he will have the ladies matching you by the concert - they began working after we left the other evening. Singing with another choir has reinforced to me my awareness the high standard to which you perform - well done!

The way in which you conducted yourselves was also impressive - every bit a professional choir yet open, friendly and engaging with the Swift singers.

I came away swollen with pride and admiration for you.

As nest week is also a joint rehearsal we ill then have on one further rehearsal to go through our eight individual items of the programme. They are all up to concert standard but can I ask that you give as much time as you can working on these pieces over the next two weeks. 

I have had to revise the seating plan for the bass section to fit the staging we will be using and because the list of singers  I was provided with was incorrect - can you all check the seating plan on the website and let me know if you're included but not singing or intending to sing but missing off the plan. A revised bass section plan will appear shortly on the website.

See you all on Tuesday - have a good weekend.